Boost you PhD productivity with online coworking!

      Boost you PhD productivity with online coworking!

      What is online coworking?

      Online co-working consists of being connected online together at the same time while working.

      How does online coworking work?

      Usually, we work using the Pomodoro Technique, which consists of breaking work into smaller intensive work sessions followed by short breaks.

      All you need is a stable Internet connection and click on the link we give you to access the online meeting room.

      What are the benefits of online coworking for PhD students?

      1. The online coworking keeps your working time structured

      2. Encourages you to stay very focus during given laps of time

      3. Helps you to work on the things that you don't feel like working on and procrastinate

      4. Keeps you motivated knowing that other people are working at the same time

      5. Allows you to meet other people, chill and laugh during the breaks

      6.  Helps you to extend your professional network while working from home

      Be sure to join us for the next free coworking session for PhD students only!