How PhD Success Community can make you more productive!

      How PhD Success Community can make you more productive!

      1. PhD Success community makes you achieve your goals

      Setting SMART goals is a key to an efficient and healthy working habits, satisfaction from work and success in your PhD.

      Setting SMART goals means that your goals need to be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Here is an example of a SMART goal: “My goal is to have a detailed plan of an introduction of my PhD, with the main references ready, done by Friday 18h.”

      In contrast, we tend to set a goal like: I need to write an introduction this week (This goal is too large, too general, not achievable, not realistic and the notion of week is vague).

      Setting SMART goals is not easy, as we tend to set “ambitious” or unrealistic goals.  We also set the final product like “full introduction written” instead of dividing it into smaller achievable milestones.

      PhD Success community makes sure that your goals are SMART, succinct, and achievable. At the end of the week you will feel like a winner because you achieved your goal! Knowing that you are making progress and achieving milestones will allow you to take time to relax without feeling guilty! And after a good rest, the next day you will work even better ;-) Setting SMART goals is a key to an efficient and healthy working habits, satisfaction from work and success in your PhD.

      2. PhD Success community helps you monitor your progress and gives you confidence about your work!

      It has been shown that people who regularly monitor their goals are more productive and able to achieve more in less time. That’s why within the PhD Success Community we offer you monthly goal settings.

      In these online meetings each participant sets his goals to achieve for the coming month. What are the challenges to achieve those goals? What are the resources or people that you will need to fulfill this task? What are the possible distractions that may stand on your way?

      These questions give you a realistic picture of your goal and almost a ready-to-execute action plan of how to achieve your goal! Overall, this approach gives you clarity in your work, naturally diminishes the feeling of overwhelm, and gives you control over your progress!

      It might happen sometimes that you don’t achieve your goals. Well, monthly goal setting is also a great occasion to acknowledge what your setbacks and distractions were. Were you working hard on something else? Or maybe there was a motivation problem? Understanding your setbacks and distractions helps you to better control then and thus overcome them in a future. And PhD Success community is there to support you in this process!

      3. PhD Success Community gives you the structure to work effectively

      We regularly organize online co-working sessions, using a proven productivity technique: Pomodoro. This technique, invented by Francesco Cirillo, uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

      Breaks serve to socialize and reward the efficient work done within the past session.

      Coworking sessions in the form of Pomodoro are particularly helpful for the tasks that you tend to procrastinate on, or the tasks that are difficult for you to start with. It is also a great method to set a time for answering emails, dealing with administrative tasks and other punctual short tasks that can become overwhelming and time-consuming if not done on time.

      Coworking sessions are also a perfect moment to meet other PhD students, chat and extend a network of research friends, within your work time!

      4. PhD Success Community gives you motivation to work

      PhD Success Community gives you motivation to work by connecting you with people who are working as hard as you and who understand your ambitions and academic challenges.

      Setting SMART Goals, and regularly monitoring your goals gives you a better control over your PhD workflow soyou can acknowledge your progress!  And this is super motivating!

      Coworkings, sharing time for work and fun with other PhD students, and the spirit of community are a few other very powerful motivating factors!

      5. PhD Success Community saves your time

      PhD Success Community is there to support you. It unites researchers from different fields and at different levels of advancement.  Thus it is very probable that the challenge you are currently facing, has been faced by another PhD student before. You can thus receive good advice, recommendations and support with your current problem from people who have been there. In other words you don’t have to sit alone, stuck with your problem and waiting for a miracle while procrastinating.  You just ask!

      Bring your PhD productivity and motivation to another level!

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