Pomorodo, a time management technique for PhD students

      Pomorodo, a time management technique for PhD students

      Pomodoro technique is a time management technique, completely unknown in acadamia.

      This technique proved to be very efficient and is frequently used technique in the business world where "time is money" and every minute matters.

      Pomodoro technique induces a time pressure that makes you work more faster, more effectively and avoid distractions. It also obliges you to take breaks, but only for for limited amount of time. From this image you can learn how it works:

      In the PhD Success Community, we regularly organise co-working sessions, using a Pomodoro technique. This techniques gives a structure to work and to socialise.
      During our co-workings with Pomodoro, the working times we keep silent and we stay focus, while during the breaks we chat and laugh together.

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      And of course, we have our great PhD Success Community in which we implement all those productivity technics and creates a great working dynamics!