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      PhD studies are very challenging. Full of frustrations, failures, and struggles, often not understood outside of academia. But we totally get it. We've been there too! That's why we help PhD students who struggle in their PhD to overcome their difficulties and enjoy their PhD. 


      Together we stand stronger! That’s why we created PhD Success Community, a dynamic community of like-minded PhD students from all over Europe. To support, encourage and motivate each other along the PhD journey. It is all about help and solidarity between PhD students.Learn more...

      Individual Support

      Need to talk to someone? Sometimes your PhD gets extremely hard and struggles become impossible to overcome without professional help. That’s why we created Hotline, an individual online consultation tailored to your needs. To give you robust support along your PhD journey. Learn more...


      Help your PhD students succeed! While doing a PhD, there are many things to know and so little time to learn. That’s why we provide institutions with the highest quality academic training. To help PhD students become more Productive, Confident and Happier researchers.Prevent mental suffering. Help institution create the best working environment.Learn more...

      “A PhD is a journey. Nobody goes through it and remains the same. Use it as a stepping stone to a better you”

      What you should know about PhD Success

      • We are the first European platform that focuses on the well-being of PhD candidates

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        Fully Online platformSo you can participate in all our online events, meet people and benefit from our support without moving from your desk.

      • Run by mental health professionals who "survived" their PhDSo it is much more than coaching. We combine our knowledge of psychology and PhD experience to create the best content and provide the highest quality services. 

      • Independent of research institutions and policymakers.That allows us to stand firm against the silent suffering in academia. It makes it a safe place to express our opinions and make a meaningful impact on PhD students lives

      • Helping PhD students is our full-time jobThus you can expect from us reactivity, regular improvements and frequently added new content and events.


      "I am happy to l learn that there is finally someone ready to tacle the problems we are facings in our post-graduate studies. I just wish PhD Success existed a bit earlier."

      Amanda, Université de Strasbourg, France

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      👉 You will never feel alone again.You gain access to a deep network of potential friends, colleagues and career contacts.
      👉You get access to a safe space where you can share your difficulties and get support.
      👉 You have a chance to participate in many interesting online meetings such as Productivity Boost, Career Challenge and many more!

      Causes we support:

      We are proud to collaborate with organizations worldwide in support of these causes: 

      Hello Ewa, I have followed your « Mental Health during your PhD » presentation.Just a quick note to thank you for a very uplifting and invigorating lecture.Good timing too – I think a lot of us researchers are struggling right now – this was like a shot in the arm to keep us going while we wait for campus and libraries to re-open.

      Collin, PhD student, University of Siegen, Germany

      From a Researcher in Psychologyto a PhD Mentor


      I’m Dr. Ewa Pluciennicka, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, with 7 years of an academic career behind me, 2 post-docs, 9 international peer-reviewed publications...
      But also countless nights without sleeping, a few experiments that didn’t work, machines that broke at the worst possible moment, publications that got rejected...
      Despite that, I always had the energy and motivation to help and support my colleagues to overcome their PhD difficulties. I was so active, that some started to call me "PhD psychologist" or "PhD Mental Mentor"


      In the beginning, it sounded like a joke.But recently, after almost 6 years of supporting and helping my colleagues in their PhD challenges (in an informal way), alongside my research, I decided to fully dedicate my time to supporting PhD students in their PhD struggles. Because that matters to me!
      And all the rest went very fast. Colleagues of colleagues, friends of friends started to reach out and ask for advice about their PhD struggles. Many of them were not living in the same city; some were not even in the same country… So we started to do more things on-line and reach people from entire Europe. That's how PhD Success was born.
      So no matter where you are, you can benefit from our traininigs and presentations, our inspiring community of like-minded PhD students and get a one-on-one consultation with me!

      "When I first heard about Ewa focusing mainly on PhD students in her work I was intrigued by the idea that someone would focus on assisting people reach what is considered the highest qualification level in academia that is at times lonely, full of self-doubt, bumpy and intimidating at times. 
      I had previously consulted with different psychologists previously but although the 'positive talks' that I practiced were helping, there seemed to be something missing deep down that I could not put my finger to it. 
      Ewa's approach being very practically oriented helped fill the gap. I always left her session with a good sense of what to do and how to do it and a clear direction of where I was headed to instead of a tangled route I was on before I met her"

      Makoma, PhD student in Nutrition, University of Western Cape, South Africa

      Just a glimpse of our work


      In-person presentation on how to become a more confident, productive, and happier researcher.during Annual Meeting of Neuroleman Network


      Webinar on dealing with Stress during PhD, for PhD candidates from The Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention Society (MICCAI)


      Online training on Mindful Productivity for PhD Students of Technical University Gheorghe Asachi Iasi

      "This is not a question but a THANK YOU. It was a fantastic and insightful talk. It helped me to think about my relationship with stress in a new and structured way. Thank you very much.

      David, Professor and Lecturer, University of Utah, School of Medicine, USA

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