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      Let me Help you Become a Successful PhD Student Now!

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      Common Issues PhD Students Face  

      👉 Time management 👉 Imposter syndrome/low-confidence 👉 Stress and anxiety 👉 Perfectionism 👉 Doubts about the future 👉 Lack of creativity 👉 Identifying and setting goals 

      How I can help you with my PhD advice for Success:

      • Create a plan to improve time management by eliminating procrastination and inefficient working habits 

         That way you can be efficient and finish your PhD on time. 

      •  Improve self-confidence and overcome imposter syndrome  

        That way you can feel confident in your decisions and are aware of your strengths. 

      • Teach skills to manage and relieve stress and anxiety 

        That way you can enjoy your journey as a PhD student without the negative effects of stress.

      • Provide the support to overcome perfectionism and feeling of failure

        That way you can submit your work and feel confident in its content.  

      • Provide the support to overcome perfectionism and feeling of failure

        That way you can submit your work and feel confident in its content.  

      • Ease doubts about the future 

        That way you can take your educational journey one step at a time and think clearly to uncover the best career choice for you. 

      • Enhance your creative thinking and boost your intellectual skills 

        That way you can complete your work to a high standard and creatively think of solutions to issues that may arise.  

      • Learn to acknowledge your efforts and monitor your progress

        That way you can celebrate your achievements as they come along and boost your self-confidence.

      If you are facing other difficulties of PhD not specifically mentioned above, please feel free to reach out!

      "Ewa’s coaching program was of great help for my thesis writing. I can’t thank her enough because it was a life-changing experience for me. She helped me to change my way of approaching any big project so that it’s not all pain and suffering, but rather a pleasant journey that permits enjoying the process."

      Magda, PhD student, University of Strasbourg, France

      How does my service work?

      As a practicing psychologist with a PhD, I fully understand the common difficulties of PhD candidates. I use my clinical training to understand patterns that may cause problems in your journey to becoming a PhD.
      In my sessions, I will use various therapy techniques so that we can break the patterns that may be blocking you from achieving success. With my help, you will be able to understand yourself better so that you can be prepared for current and future challenges.
      So, let’s get started!


      "Even after fixing a specific goal for our consultations, the sessions with Dr Pluciennicka addressed much more than that. Her observations, questions and activities offered plenty of material to think about, and practical advice as well. In my case, her explanations of psychological concepts made the sessions even more effective, and her support during the 2020 confinement was extremely valuable."

      Luca, PhD student in Mathematics. University of Strasbourg, France

      Our process


      Book a free Discovery Call

      This call allows you to meet me in person and see how it feels.
      It is an occasion for you to tell me about your difficulties and learn how we could work together. After that, you decide whether you want to us to work together


      Set clear goals and proceed with the payment

      Based on our first meeting, we will set concrete goals for our work together and establish action plan. Only then you will be asked to make a payment. 


      Let's get to work!

      We will schedule regular online meetings so that we can work on your issues together from the comfort of your home. Sessions are typically 60 minutes. 

      What will the consultation look like?

      We will schedule regular online meetings so that we can work on your issues together from the comfort of your home. 
      In the consultations, I will use my experience and knowledge in the psychology field to understand and propose a plan of action to help you achieve your academic goals. My sessions are completely focused on you and with each session, you should gain more clarity on how to deal with your situation. 
      My PhD tips for success have been known to be life changing for clients.

      I started this journey with Ewa because I was at a standstill in my PhD. I was not feeling motivated and was procrastinating on my work. Working with Ewa helped me understand myself better and regain motivation. It was one of the best gifts I could ever give myself.

      Giulia, PhD student in Environmental Sciences, University of Stockholm, Sweden

      What are the benefits of working with me?

      👉 Learn to work better and faster so you can successfully finish your PhD while enjoying the process.
      👉Know your skills, your strength, and your value, allowing you to become unstoppable in your career and your choices.
      👉Understand your inner mental blocks that have been causing you distress allowing you to feel lighter, happier, and better about yourself.
      👉Learn to see opportunities instead of problems.
      👉Grow personally and professionally

      "Her questions about the topic, data collection, validity, patterning, motivation, and my prompt answers have made me realize that I am not as lost as I am assuming myself to be. The overall work together was extremely boosting up which has made me confident and enthusiast about my PhD project again!

      Lubna, PhD student in Linguistics, University of Islamabad, Pakistan

      About me

      Academics: I earned my PhD in cognitive psychology in 2015 followed by two postdoctoral fellowships. So I completely understand your academic challenges.
      Psychologist: I am a licensed psychologist (French license number/ADELI 679307249), with several years of professional experience in neurology and rehabilitation services. In addition to my research, I have mentored academics and high achievers since 2017. With my experience, I have seen nearly every issue imaginable, and I have many solutions (cognitive, behavioral, emotional) that I can propose to you.
      Traveler and life learner: Multiculturality is my strong suit. I have studied and worked in several different countries, so I can understand your challenges of living abroad. As a result, I can mentor in English, French, and Polish.

      One Final Thing… 

      The mental academic problems you face when obtaining your PhD do not disappear once you receive your PhD. On the contrary, mental challenges tend to amplify over time. According to a Berkley Survey, PhD students are six times more likely to develop mental health illnesses compared to other highly educated individuals following the suffering they experience during their PhD.
      So if you are suffering or in need of improving your PhD journey, don’t wait! Let me help you.

      Book your Free Discovery Call now

      "From Ewa's productivity booster workshops to the one-on-one counselling session with her, I had learnt how to take better care of myself mentally, emotionally and physically and rest better without any sense of guilt while still meeting my academic goals. The cherry on top is that this has had a rippling effect in other areas of my life as well..... I believe in myself more, I have started taking up challenges which I could never have agreed to before, more doors are opening and I attribute this to the new state of mind that I exist in now. I now describe myself as free, grounded, empowered and as I said to her out of the shadows and dancing in the sunshine."

      Makoma, PhD student in Nutrition, University of Western Cap, South Africa

      "After each session with Ewa I felt relieved, inspired for further work and much more self-conscious. She was always well-prepared for our meetings, sharing generously her broad knowledge of the field. Thanks to her, I will remember my thesis writing as a demanding but enjoyable and inspiring experience. It’s definitely one of the great investments I could do in myself."

      Magda, PhD student, University of Strasbourg, France

      Book one-on-one consultation

      Send me an email: ue.sseccusdhp%40tcatnoc, briefly introducing yourself and stating the topic you would like to talk about.
      We will be in touch to arrange a time!