How to deal with stress during your PhD and use it as a positive power?

      Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed in your doctoral studies?

      According to recent studies, PhD students suffer from the negative effects of stress 3 times more than other highly educated individuals. This fact is alarming and should not be ignored.
      “Stress” is a mental, emotional and physical state that can be perceived as a “motivating friend” encouraging to take action and get things done, or a “paralyzing enemy”, able to compromise or even destroy all our efforts.
      Stress is not “good” or “bad”, it is a continuum of perceptions that can have different effects on our mind and our body. The way stress affects us depends on our way to we can control and embrace it.

      The aim of this meeting is to better understand the mechanism of “stress” and learn to use it in a beneficial way!

      In this workshop we will cover the following aspects of stress:

        Positive & negative effects of stress
        Techniques to cope with stress
        How to use stress as a positive power

      PhD Success & ADDAL are pleased to invite you for a FREE worshop:

      How to deal with stress and use it as a positive power!

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        October 23, 2019

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        Collège Doctoral Européen-Université de Strasbourg46 Boulevard de la Victoire,
        67000 Strasbourg