"Well-being"  a forgotten ingredient to PhD Success


      Shall we take a break or work even harder? That is a question.
      As PhD students, we all know that PhD requires a lot of motivation, self-discipline, efficiency and hard work. But do we remember that we need to be “well”, to give the best of ourselves, to work efficiently and to face challenges?
      PhD should be seen as a marathon, but most of us try to run it as a sprint, often forgetting about our own well-being.In the short-term, this approach leaves us with little time or energy for work-life balance and few resources to cope with challenges. In the long-term, it can lead to losing motivation, burnout, and low-self esteem. But there is a healthier approach to science!
      That’s why in this conference we will uncover the positive effects of well-being on academic achievements and life satisfaction, and give you some easily applicable strategies to develop happier and healthier research habits.
      So make sure to join us!